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Ayiti Kanpe

Educational and technical training centers for vulnerable children and youth

2011 till 2018
Port-au-Prince & Hinche, Haiti


In the poorest country in the Caribbean, exile seems to be the only perspective for young people faced with an unstable socio-political environment. The post 2010 earthquake period highlights the difficulty of rebuilding a country where most was yet to be built.
UNICEF estimates that 75% of the schools in Haiti’s capital were destroyed or damaged by the 2010 earthquake, affecting 1.26 million children.
Following the earthquake, the Salesian Sisters created a technical training center. They created a Hotel industry training school as it responds to identified needs and to government priorities, whilst being accessible to the most vulnerable population.
The École Hôtelière Marie Auxiliatrice (EHMA) opened its doors in November 2012 and was acclaimed by the local education authorities and the hotel sector as the best hotel training center in the country.


Young adults (18-35 years old) from vulnerable backgrounds (90% of girls).


Ayiti Kanpé (signifiant « Haïti debout » en créole), est mis en œuvre par l’ONG belge ACTEC, avec l’appui financier notamment de la FJFP et de la Coopération Belge.
Le projet s’est déroulé en différentes phases : reconstruction du complexe éducatif « La Saline », géré par les sœurs Salésiennes, et la réhabilitation de 2 centres éducatifs et techniques des « Mains ouvertes », ainsi que sur l’amélioration de la qualité de l’enseignement de 5 écoles, par la formation de formateurs ; amélioration de la qualité de l’enseignement professionnel, dans un objectif d’insertion professionnelle des jeunes haïtiens : construction d’une nouvelle école technique supérieure à Hinche (haute couture, informatique, cuisine-pâtisserie), développement de l’école hôtelière « La Saline », formation de formateurs, développement d’une filière de formation au photovoltaïque.


Emergency response following the earthquake (2010): rapid re-launch of the school year thanks to the construction of temporary premises to accommodate students.
Ayiti Kanpe I (2011-2013): reconstruction of the “La Saline” educational complex in Port-au-Prince; rehabilitation of 2 educational and technical centers in Fontamara and “Deux Mapoux”; reactivation of teaching and technical training; improvement of the quality of teaching thanks to the training of trainers; set up of a coordination structure (development office) by the Salesian Sisters

Ayiti Kanpe II (2014-2016): inauguration of the first higher technical school in Hinche (haute couture, IT and cooking and baking) and renovation of the school in Dory; operationalisation of 2 pedagogical offices in charge of diagnosis, capacity building and supervision of 25 partner schools, accompanying more than 15,000 students; training of 500 young adults in computer skills; installation of 2 interactive digital boards for dynamic and enriched teaching; capacity building of 387 teachers and participation in the “one teacher – one laptop” programme; vocational training of 172 students at the “La Saline” Hotel School, of which 60% of the graduates have found a job.

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