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Prevention and reduction of violence in the lives of war-affected children in Jordan and Lebanon

2017 till 2019
Zaatari, Mrajib Alfhoud et Al Mafraq, Jordan


Children affected by armed conflict, as survivors, witnesses or perpetrators of violence, often suffer from various psychosocial consequences such as depression, stress, trauma, anxiety, rage, frustration, aggression and feelings of disconnection. Refugee children thus face a wide range of emotional, cognitive, physical, behavioural and social problems.
Increased family tensions, domestic violence and child abuse, combined with the difficulty for children to express emotional difficulties to their already overburdened parents, undermine family support.
There is therefore a critical need for innovative, scalable and effective methods to provide relief and empowerment to these children, and to prevent the long-term consequences of conflict on their lives.


– 14,000 vulnerable, at-risk or potentially at-risk Iraqi and Syrian refugee children and their host communities;
– 300 teachers, caregivers and social workers;
– 3,000 parents, family and community members.


The project is funded by the European Union and the support of the JFP Foundation constitutes the required co-funding, which allows a real leverage to the financial support provided.
The project based in Jordan ended in June 2018. The results are the following:
– 8,211 children participated in trainings leading to stress reduction and resilience building
– 196 children received intensive training on trauma relief, healing, resilience and human values
– 1,326 community members & 300 social workers participated in healing, resilience and empowerment trainings to best support the children.
The impact evaluation shows a significant reduction in stress, depression and anxiety among all participants.
The project continued in Lebanon until the end of December 2019.


A 9th grader from Beddawi

There were all those emotions inside me: frustration, anger, hatred, pain. When I did this exercise, I felt that these feelings, which I have been using in my life have all vanished. And when I had my hands closed I felt that all those feelings were trapped inside. And when I opened my eyes, I felt something went out of my body and I felt deeply rested, as if I became another person… I felt calmness. Feelings of frustration, anger, hatred, sadness and pain have vanished from my body. Thank you very much for getting us out of this entanglement… Thank you very much.
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An 8th grader from Beddawi

When I completed this exercise, I felt great rest and relaxation, as if I got rid of all the aches and anxieties that were inside me.
When I opened my eyes, I felt reassured and safe as if I was reborn in a new world.
When I opened my hands, I felt that the feelings which have been inhibiting my self-confidence and my courage have left my body… and when I got rid of them [negative feelings], I regained self-confidence and I felt the courage and determination filling my entire body.
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