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Institutional support for M’Lop Tapang

Holistic support for vulnerable children in Sihanoukville

2018 till 2021
Sihanoukville, Cambodia


M’Lop Tapang operates in Sihanoukville, a city of around 212,000 inhabitants, more than half of whom are under 18. It is estimated that 21.4% of the population lives in poverty, leading to a large number of children living and working on the streets.

And this situation has worsened dramatically since 2017, with the massive arrival of 300 Chinese companies and 90,000 Chinese nationals, … all leading to a terrible rise in the number of children put to work and dropping out of school, the number of cases of human trafficking, the cost of housing (+ 400%) making it inaccessible to a large number of Cambodian families forced to leave the city, …


Vulnerable children and young people aged 0 to 24, and their communities.


Par l’intermédiaire de la Fondation EPIC, la FJFP a apporté un soutien global à M’Lop Tapang, pour la mise en œuvre de l’ensemble de ses programmes :

1. Sensibilisation : premier contact des enfants dans le besoin;
2. Protection de l’enfance : prévention, lobbying, soutien aux victimes, reconstruction et réintégration;
3. Services médicaux : soins gratuits dans sa clinique médicale et dans les communautés lors de tournées de sensibilisation médicale;
4. Education : le programme éducatif aide les enfants et les jeunes qui n’ont jamais été à l’école à rattraper leur retard;
5. Enseignement professionnel : aide les jeunes âgés de 15 ans et plus à trouver un travail décent leur permettant de mener une vie digne;
6. Stratégie d’entreprenariat social à travers un restaurant géré par MLT, un atelier de réparation de moteurs et deux magasins vendant des produits artisanaux.


Over 5,738 children and young people have benefited from M’Lop Tapang’s support, as have 2,616 families:

34 abused children accompanied and supported; 49 disabled children accompanied through the “Special needs program”; 1999 families supported on a regular basis; 16 families supported in IGAs, to improve their economic resources; 538 children enrolled in the MLT educational center; 107 young people in vocational training; 22,404 acts of medical care provided; 144 drug users accompanied; 825 children participating in sports activities.

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