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Supporting schooling in a Hyderabad slum

Education of girls while preserving the social and cultural identity of the community

2010 till 2019
Hyderabad, India


The 5 slums concerned by the project total about 700 households and more than 1,600 children aged 5 to 16. The women are mostly illiterate and mothers of large families, living below the poverty line. Crime is rampant, as is substance abuse.
In terms of education, a child is admitted to a public school at the age of 4-5 years. Later, children attend slum schools, which are concrete structures with narrow spaces and mostly unqualified teachers. The pedalogical approach does not focus on the overall development of the child but on memorization; where comprehension, creativity, logical skills do not exist.
Illiteracy is widespread among families and many children drop out before secondary school due to poor performance and economic constraints. Generally, young girls are withdrawn from school after reaching puberty to help with household chores or to be married off at a young age.


240 children annually, aged between 2.5 and 18, from poor backgrounds within the Muslim community.


Le projet, mis en œuvre à travers plusieurs phases (STEP – OASIS – COME TO READ), a pour objet de promouvoir la scolarité des jeunes filles issues de bidonvilles musulmans de Hyderabad.
Il met l’accent sur l’éducation élémentaire des enfants défavorisés afin de leur permettre d’intégrer durablement l’enseignement classique.
Le développement holistique des enfants se fait par le biais d’un programme d’activités spécialement conçu à cet effet. Il offre un soutien extrascolaire aux apprenants de la première génération en leur donnant des cours particuliers dans les matières difficiles et il développe un volet ludique de sensibilisation des jeunes aux problématiques spécifiques de la santé et l’hygiène, du « vivre ensemble », de l’environnement, et des droits fondamentaux des enfants.
Tous les enfants sont accueillis par SAFA, sans aucune discrimination de caste ou de religion.


The project has enabled :
– the daily support of 140 children/year in extracurricular activities and “training for life”
– the granting of school scholarships to more than 125 young girls
– the enrolment of 170 children in school and 35 girls in Junior College
– the participation of 80 women in the income generation programme and the creation of self-help groups among women.

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